JYZ Rubber Precision Preformer
The Precision Preformer is a type of rubber blank manufacturing equipment with high efficiency and high accuracy. This machine can process a wide range of rubber material...

DRL Cold Feed Screw Gear Pump Preformer/ Filter
Strip cold rubber into the extruder feeding port automatically after plasticizing, preheating, and then sent to the entrance to the gear pump, the pump driven into the die...

EBQ250 Footwear Rubber Precision Preformer
EBQ250 Footwear Precision Preformer ●PLC control system and touch screen operator interface. Color touch screen to input data and password protection. ●1000 products technics database available to connect anytime. ....

LSZ1050 Vibrating Cooling Conveyor
Vibrating Cooling Conveyor is an auxiliary machine of the precision preformer to avoid stickiness and deformation of the rubber blanks.The part of the machine which...


Our company specializes in the production of rubber precision preformer and cooling conveyor. The company locates in Shanghai - the industrial and commercial center, covering an area of 12000 square meters, relying on its strong economic and technical advantages, with its own development and striving for many years, constantly working on rubber precision preformer technology experience step by step, has a good reputation and influence in the rubber precision preformer industry...

The long history, Ahead of the pack
More than 30 years’experience to focus on research and development, production of rubber precision preformer, more than 10 honorary certifications and patent qualifications, witness 15 years growth process.


The long-term management mode, All-round service
For every customer, set up a file for every machine, follow up regularly; 
Full automatic control system, strict quality control system, 120 kinds of factory inspection standard, continuing the pursuit of zero defect,Comprehensive cost-performance far exceeds the same product the oversea brands.

The most large-scale production workshop 
Self-owned plant covers an area of 12000 square meters;Cutting-edge technology integration of the world rubber preforming areas, more than 2600 foreign and domestic rubber products manufacturers and more than 20 domestic research institutes, Due to product quality, technology, quality and after-sales service customer satisfaction, the equipment is well received by many famous enterprises at home and abroad, and many large companies identified as "rubber precision preformer" designated suppliers.

Total Area◥
12000 ㎡
30 + Year
Honor Certificate◥
10 +
Inspection Standards◥
120 kinds

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